"Coexistence of Art and Technology" ZRP Printing & Packaging Group's 3D Packaging New Product Release Meeting Achieved Full Success

Release Time:2018-12-24

On April 26, 2018, ZRP Printing & Packaging Group held the "Coexistence of Art and Technology" 3D Packaging New Product Release at Zhongshan Crowne Plaza Hotels. Let's review the splendid moment of this Release through pictures.




Review of splendid moments of "Coexistence of Art and Technology" 3D Packaging New Product Release Conference



Guests sign in


At 10: 20 a.m., Zhao Chenghua, the General Manager of the Marketing Center of ZRP Printing & Packaging Group, delivered an opening speech, expressing warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests.



Our understanding of innovation: innovation is the basis of the survival and development of enterprises

In his speech, he shared with the guests his understanding of and thinking on innovation. He believed that innovation is a revolution that needs constant ordeal and breakthrough, and shared the development course and future planning of ZRP Printing & Packaging Group on the innovation road. He also pointed out that ZRP Printing would always be based on the needs of end consumers and the market and strive to provide better products and services to customers through unremitting efforts made on technological innovation in the industry. At the same time, ZRP would take the initiative to meet the new era, new opportunities and new challenges, and constantly break through itself under the new competitions to create a better future for the packaging industry.

Then Tan Ronghong, R&D Director of ZRP Printing & Packaging Group, unveiled the mystery of "Local Direct Printing 3D Technology" for the guests. He mainly introduced the technological process and application scenario, pushing the product release to a new high.




In the face of changes brought about by the consumption upgrade, he put forward the idea of "good products + good packaging = sense of value" to jointly create higher-quality products and packaging through combining upstream and downstream innovation in the industry, so as to meet the increasing spiritual needs of consumers and help brand customers realize value and growth.

At the Release, ZRP’s Innovation Team showed guests the samples of 3D packaging series carefully prepared for 100 days and the previous competitive products, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with the guests on the application scenarios. Let’s feel the atmosphere of the scene through pictures.



The exchange at the scene was very lively and the displayed products were well received. With the going-on of discussion, our release also came to an end. At 12: 30 noon, the event ended successfully.


ZRP Printing & Packaging Group, which always takes innovation as its core, will never stop on the road of innovation. Thanks to the trust of new and old customers. Excellence will never be missed. May we join hands to create a gold brand!

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